Royall Invitational: First Home Meet In 20 Years

Thursday, April 12, 2012 at Royall High School Gerard Brunner Athletic Complex in Elroy. Results

Above: Girls head coach Kristine Moten [above] has been around for 16 of the 20 years of road trips. Her plan presented to the Booster Club led to action which the Brunner family generously supported.

The weather was perfect for track and field and a large crowd was on hand to witness the first home track meet held at Royall High School in twenty years. The Brunner family provided the funds necessary to build a new track and field facility that replaced the former outdated dirt and cinder track.

The Royall Panther track team had been 'on the road' for 20 years since their last home meet in 1992.

Above L-R: Royall High School principal Jeff Van Lannen, Royall student athletes Hana Weber and Madeline Miller, the Brunner's Barb and Ron, Royall student athletes Katie Sugden and Emma Zmolek, and Royall Schools District Administrator Mark Gruen.

Ron Brunner remembered his days as a Royall High school student when town and school leaders talked of new athletic outdoor facilities. Ron decided to finally do something about that and provided the funds necessary to build a first class track and field facility with bleachers and a new refreshment stand. The facility was dedicated to and named after Ron's brother Gerard who was a track and field athlete at Royall. Royall students and the community will benefit from the facility. Already, 50 of the 80 middle school students have participated in a track program this season.

Below Left: Royall 4x1 relay team runner Cara Masters hands off to anchor Bria Altamore.

Senior Taylor Sherry [left] of Kickapoo La Farge won the 100m HH in 16.30. Sherry is the current D3 leader in the 300m LH event and is ranked 2nd as of 4/12 in the 100m HH event.

Above: Wonewoc Center hurdler Keelia Kemp.

Left: Ninth grader Mariah Teske of D2 Mauston had a big day with wins in the 100m and 200m dash events and the TJ.

Above 100m dash heat 4 L-R: Mirissa Wiiliamson [Holsboro], Abby Peterson [Mauston, partially hidden], Teske, Addie Kalepp [Reedsburg], Savannah Noth [Hillsboro], and Bria Altamore [Royall].

Below L-R: 400m long dash winner Savannah Noth [Hillsboro] and second place finisher Allyssa Witkum [Mauston].

Mauston won the 8 team meet with 150 points followed by Kickapoo-La Farge, Hillsboro, and host Royall.

Kickapoo-La Farge, Hillsboro, Royall, Wonewoc Center, New Lisbon, and Brookwood are D3 schools.

Below: Hillsboro dash athlete Savannah Noth in the 400m long dash.

Above 800m runners L-R: Kelsey Taylor [Hillsboro,4th], Dana Osthoff [Mauston, 5th], Lydia Gannon [Kickapoo-La Farge, 2nd], and Samantha Trembath [Mauston, 3rd].

Mauston sophomore Taylor Miller [below left in the 800m run] won the 800m and 1600m races.

Above 1600m runners L-R: Marantha Gannon [Kickapoo-La Farge], Kelsi Gregar [New Lisbon], Brittany Lubinski [Mauston, 3rd], and second place finisher Michaela Baldwin [Brookwood].

Below 300m hurdlers L-R: Tiara Hoffman [Mauston, 2nd], Leeta Russel [Hillsboro], and winner Taylor Sherry [Kickapoo-La Farge, 48.40].

Above L-R the Mauston 4x8 winning realy team: Samantha Trembath, Abigail Peterson, Dana Osthoff, and anchor Brittany Lubinski.

Right and below: 4x8 relay runners.

Above: 4x1 exchange zone.

Left: Mauston won all 4 relay events. 4x1 exchange.

Below: Backstretch 4x1 exchange.

4x2 relay:Above L-R: Wonewoc Center's Taylor Rego and Mauston's Andrea Thomas.

Left: New Lisbon relay runner Breanna Borchardt hands off to Katie Kalmerton.

Junior Kim Buchholtz from Royall won the SP and discus events. She is shown above with her parents Darcy and Don.

Right: Royall's Megan Conley [Royall, 2nd] in the discus. Below L-R: Kim Buchholtz [Royall] and Erin Hauck [Mauston, 3rd].

Above L-R: HJ athletes Brittant Dziki [Hillsboro, 1st], Dana Osthoff [Mauston, 3rd], and Lydia Gannon [Kickapoo-La Farge, 2nd].

Below: Taylor Sherry of Kickapoo-La Farge in the LJ. she won with a jump of 15' 04.