38th Annual Dan Benson Invitational

Friday, April 27, 2018. at Wauwatosa West HS. Results


Beaver Dam , Brown Deer , Homestead , Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee King , Shorewood , Wausau West , West Allis Central , and West Allis Nathan Hale competed at host Wauwatosa West in the 38th annual Dan Benson invitational. Homestead edged Wausau West 134 to 132.5 for the team title. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's greeted the athletes as they arrived but steadily dropping temperatures and a wind driven cold rain midway thorugh the meet added an extra challenge to each event. If the Wauwatosa police department had attended the Dan Benson Meet they would have issued quite a few speeding tickets. Some of the top sprinters in the state competed in the 100m and 200m dash events at the Benson Meet.

Above finals of the 100m dash L-R: Makayla Jackson [Milw. King, 4th], Wauwatosa West's Ja'Cey Simmons and Milwwaukee King's Amari Breown. Simmons and Brown were each timed in 12.17 with the thousandths place determining that Brown was the winner. Both athletes moved to the top of the Honor Roll 100m list. Finishing third in the 100m was Milwaukee King's Camarii Tellis.

Daja Young [Homestead, 5th in the 100m]

Brishaun Bailey [Tosa West, 6th in the 100m]

Olivia Bright [Wausau West, 7th in the 100m]

Amari Brown [Milw King, 1st in the 200, 24.72]
Photo from the 100m prelims

Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 2nd in the 200, 24.91]
Photo from the 400m

Ja'Cey Simmons [Tosa West, 3rd in the 200m]
Photo from the 100m prelims

400m winner Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 56.28]

Grace Mueller [Homestead, 2nd in the 400m]

Hannah Boyd [Brown Deer, 4th in the 200m]
Photo from the 400m

Lindsey Repins [Shorewood, 3rd in the 400m]

Lindsey Miller [Homestead, 4th int he 400m]

Shelby Smaz [Wausau West, 5th in the 400m]

The coats and the umbrellas tell the story about the weather: Third heat of the 400m dash.

Dan Benson [right] has been a fixture in Wauwatosa and Wauwatosa West athletics for over 50 years. This was the 38th annual Dan Benson Invitational named after the longtime track coach at Wauwatosa West. Dan assisted in football and track at Wauwatosa High School and went to Wauwatosa West when it opend in 1961.

Benson still attends track meets at West. Benson remembers in 1961 that all they had at West was a field to hold track meets. Now West has an artificial soccer/football field surrounded by an all weather track in school colors.

Rachel Ulrich [Beaver Dam, 6th int he 400m]

--- --- ---

Dan Benson - Former Tosa West Track coach

1600m runners in a cold downpour start their race L-R: Avery Ponto [Milw King], Emily Kolb [Brown Deer], Zoe Elko [Milw King], Grace Edwards [Wausau West], Rachel Krouse [Wauwatosa West], Margaret Froh [Milw King], Paige White [Beaver Dam], and winner Leane Willemse a ninth grader from Homestead [5:25.01]
Above left: Grace Edwards and Zoe Elko race to the finish. Above right: Margaret Froh [Rufus King, 2nd], Paige White [Beaver Dam, 3rd], and winner Leane Willemse.
Homestead won the 4x8 relay event in 10:11.21.
Relay members above L-R:
Natalie Yang, Lindsey Miller, distance coach Jame DeMarco, Reilly Albert, and anchor Zanelle Willemse







4x2 relay winners Menomonee Falls 1;49.62
Relay runners above L-R
:Alexis Hunter, Emma Schoenuer, assistant coach Kaya Senaya, Amber Kivisto, and anchor Blessing Maduka




Akili Pleas-Carnie [Milw Rufus King]
1st in the 100m HH 16.41, 2nd in the 300m LH

Kayla Crump [Wauwatosa West]
1st in the 300m LH -47.60, 2nd in the 100m HH

Summer Saletel [Beaver Dam, 3rd HH]

Charis Riebe [Tosa West, 4th in HH, 3rd in LH]

Isabella Petiite [West Allis Central, 5th HH]

Alyssa Fritsche [Wausau West, 6th HH]

Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, LJ , 1st -18' 08.25]
Wausau West School Record

Makayla Jackson [Milw King, 2nd in LJ - 18' 04.25]

Camarii Tellis [Milw King, 3rd in LJ - 17' 04.25]

Antionette Powell [West Allis Central, 4th LJ]

Madison Williams [West Allis Central, 5th LJ]

Hannah Boyd [Brown Deer, 6th LJ]


PV Winner Olivia Bright [Wausau West, 10' 06]


Katey VanVooren [Homestead, 2nd PV]

Hailey Gorny [West Allis Central, 3rd PV]

Annie Gebhardt [Homestead, 3rd PV]