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Dodgeland Trailways Conference Triangular

Tuesday, April 24, 2018. at Dodgeland High School. Results.


D3 schools Johnson Creek and Orfordville Parkview competed at Dodgeland on a picture perfect day for track and field. 1600m runners are shown above at the start of the 1600m event L-R: Defending D3 800m Champion Hannah Constable a sophomore from Johnson Creek, Parkview runners Lexy Olsen, Augie Pautsch, Ava Dodge, and Jenny Ballmer, and Dodgeland runners Meygan Benzing and Jamie Huber.
Before the last lap Benzing, Constable and Huber ran in a tight pack. Constable opened up a lead coming off the last turn to win in 5:29.08 followed by Huber in 5:29.94 and Benzing [5:39.08].
100m Dash

Kittana Kulig [1st in 12.94 ]

Mateah Roehl [2nd]

Marine Trentesaux [Dodgeland, 3rd]

200m Dash
Above 200m runners L-R: Jena Edl [Johnson Creek, 4], Jada Kohn [Dodgeland, 2nd], and winner Mateah Roehl [Johnson Creek, 28.50 ].
400m Long Dash
400m runners above L-R: Jada Kohn [Dodgeland, 3rd], winner Taylor Hallam [Johnson Creek, 1:06.53 ], Rachel Hammes [Parkview, 3rd], and Hallam.
800m Run
800m runners on lap 1 L-R: Kaitlin Pickart [Dodgeland, 2nd], winner Jamie Huber [Dodgeland, 2:40.06], Julia Holtz [3rd], Rachel Parbs [4th], and Parkview's Lexy Olson [5th].
4x800m Relay

Meygan Benzing 4x8

Jamie Huber [1600m photo]

Julia Holtz 4x8

Kaitlin Pickart 4x8


Anchor Rachel Parbs 4x8

4x200m Relay
4x2 winners Johnson Creek
Runners L-R:
Kittana Kulig, Vivi Segura, Jenna Edl, and anchor Sara Argiolas



4x2 anchor Sara Argiolas

100m High Hurdles

Ali Sugden [Dodgeland, 1st 17.32]

Bria Carmer [Dodgeland, 2nd]

Emma Dopke [Dodgeland, 3rd]

Taylor Hallam [Johnson Creek, 4th]

Everyone enjoyed seeing the sun
chase away the snow banks

Angela Schueler [Parkview, 5th]

300m Low Hurdles

Ali Sugden [Dodgeland, 1st 54.91]

Bria Carmer [Dodgeland, 2nd]

Suigden and Carmer on the backstretch