Sun Prairie Invitational

Friday, April 20, Sun Prairie HS. Results


Bay Port, Brookfield East, Cambridge, Jefferson, Madison East, Madison La Follette, Middleton, Monona Grove, Mosinee, Mount Horeb, Oregon, Oshkosh West, Pewaukee, Stoughton, Verona Area High School, and Wausau West competed in a meet hosted by Sun Prairie High School. Head Sun Prairie coach Doug Maughan and his staff burned the midnight oil preparing the track by clearing snow. A clear relatively warm day on Friday helped but the discus event could not be run because of snow covered fields. The Cardinals of Sun Prairie won the meet with 142 points outscoring Wausau West, Brookfield East, and Jefferson. Sixteen teams scored poiints in the meet.

The Sun Prairie 4x8 posted a 10:01.68 to win that event.
Relay runners L-R: Claire Darmstadter, Janelle Schultz, Kaylan Marshall, and anchor Katie Kopotic.
Above right: Leg 1 runners in the 4x8. Below 4x800m relay runners

100m High Hurdles
Sun Prairie's Jada Schuh swept the hurdle events. She is shown above in the HH event [15.57]. Later in the meet Shuh posted a 48.78 to win the 300m LH event. Jefferson's Emily Hottinger is shown above right . Hottinger finished 2nd in the 100m HH [16.21, 16.06 in the prelims] and 2nd in the 300m LH event.

Elise Goetzinger [Mt Horeb/Barneveld, 3rd in HH]

Riley Kindt [Brookfield East, 4th in HH]

Montana Cruz [Madison La Follette, 5th in HH]

Kaitlin Rubow [Wausau West, 6th in HH]

Emily Becker [Jefferson, 7th in HH]

Eniola Adenija [Bay Port, 8th in HH]

Above the finals of the 100m dash L-R: Scarlet Egwuonwu [Oregon, 2nd], champion Ali Dorn [Monona Grove, 12.32], Dorn, Addison Schipper [Oregon, 4th], and Megan Best [Oshkosh West, 3rd].

Julie Weber [Oshkosh West, 5th in the 100m]

Emily Breider [Brookfield East, 6th in the 100m]

Tamiya Smith [Verona Area, 7th in the 100m]

Kiana Pugh [Mosinee, 6th in the 100m]

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Tyra Turner [Madison La Follette, 9th in the 100m]

400m winner Brooke Jaworski from Wausau West set a facility record by racing to a time of 55.80. Jaworski also won the LJ [17' 04.25] and the 200m dash [25.13, facility record].

Skye Lindsey [Sun Prairie, 2nd in the 400m]

Jenna Kiraly [Oshkosh West, 3rd in the 400m]

Payton Jenks-Recker [Monona Grove, 4th in the 400m]

Kayla Haas [sun prairie, 5th in the 400]

Izzie Peterson [Oregon, 7th in the 400m] and
Janelle Schultz
[Sun Prairie, 6th in the 400m]

Suzie Swiertlik [Brookfield East, 9th in the 400m]

Above 400m runners L-R: Pewaukee's Vivianne Jende [8th] and Brooke Jaworski sprinting to the finish line.

Oregon won the 4x200m relay in 1:48.89
Relay teammembers above L-R: Addison Schipper, Jenna Igl handing off to Jenna Sharkus, Igl, anchor Scarlet Egwuonwu, and Egwuonwu.
Below: 4x2 runners.

1600m runners above L-R: Kim Steinert [Oshkosh West], Savannah Huben [Bay Port, 4th], winner Maddie Thompson [Sun Prairie, 5:18.72], Hannah Roy [Sun Prairie, 2nd], Zoe Goodmanson [Pewaukee, 3rd], Christine Hole Svenningsen [Madison La Follette, 7th], Peighton Nelson [Monona Grove, 5th], and Anna Knueve [Verona Area, 6th].
Horizontal Jump Athletes ~ Long Jump

Brooke Jaworski [Wausau West, 1st, 17' 04.25]

Riley Kindt [Brookfield East, 2nd]

Ashley O'Connell [Sun Prairie, 3rd]

Ava Murphy [Bay Port, 4th]

Ragnhild Wensbak [Jefferson, 5th]

Kiana Pugh [Mosinee, 6th]

Hayden Knoll [Wausau West, 7th]

Elise Goetzinger [Mt Horeb/Barneveld, 8th]
Goetzinger won the HJ ~ 5' 00

Eniola Adeniji [Bay Port, 9th]

Throw Athletes ~ Shot Put Event

Natalie Rouse [Brookfield East, 1st, 39' 01]

Elizabeth Sauk [Sun Prairie, 2nd, 39' 00.75]

Lizzy Cagle [Brookfield East, 3rd]

Kiana Pugh [Mosinee, 4th]

Ayona Johnson [Madison La Follette, 5th]

Ellen McCorkle [Oregon, 6th]

Emily Stendel [Jefferosn, 7th]

Temperatures in the 50's and a clear sky at Sun Prairie

Olivia DeValkenaere [Brookfield East, 8th]

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