2019 Classic 8 Conference Meet

Thursday, May 9, 2019 at Oconomowoc High School. Results.

Classic 8 Confernece teams from Arrowhead, Catholic Memorial, Kettle Moraine, Mukwonago, Muskego, Oconomowoc, Waukesha North, Waukesha South, and Waukesha West competed in the Jim Barron Varsity Track And Field Championships hosted by Oconomowoc High School. Muskego won the meet with 144 points followed by Arrowhead, Waukesha West, and Mukwonago.

In the photo above sophomore Ellie Johnson from Kettle Moraine successfully defended the title she won in the 100m HH event at the 2018 conference meet.

100m Dash Event
100m Dash FinalsThe top 3 runners L-R: Emma Reno [Oconomowoc, 3rd], Mya Miller [Waukesha North, 2nd], and champion Tatum Straw [Catholic Memorial, 12.88]
Finals in the 100m L-R: Taylor Boucher [Mukwonago, 4th], Jenna Erickson [Arrowhead, 6th], Emma Reno [Oconomowoc, 3rd], Mya Miller [Waukesha North, 2nd], winner Tatum Straw, Jamie Carpenter [Waukesha North, Liz Eilertson [Mukwonago, 8th], and Claire Cotey [Oconomowoc, 7th].
200m Dash Event
200m dash athletes in the prelims L-R:
Bella Seitz [Muskego, 3rd in finals], finals winner Savanah Balcerak [Muskego, 25.97], and Kosi Hertz [Oconomowoc, 2nd in finals]
Balcerak also won the 400m dash in 59.05

Sydney Wiltsey [Mukwoangao, 4th]

Jenna Erickson [Arrowhead, 5th]

Oconomowoc's Noa Peller [6th]

100m High Hurdle Event
100m HH L-R: Elizabeth Missiaen [Muskego, 2nd], champion Ellie Johnson [15.89] a sophomore from Kettle Moraine, and Ari Ramos [Waukesha North, 3rd]

Ellie Johnson

Elizabeth Missiaen
[Missiaen won the 300m hurdles, 48.34]

Ari Ramos

Lily Stemper [Arrowhead, 4th]

Liv Baumann [Arrowhead, 5th]

Simone Blint-Bruni [Muskego, 6th]

1600m Run Event
Start of the 1600m Race showing Muskego's Kate Sperka [2] and Kate Jochims [#1]
Jochims posted a new Classic 8 record in the 1600m with her 5:02.91 time. The old record had been set by Becca Langer [Waukesha West, 5:05.48] at the 2017 meet

1600m winner Kate Jochims [Muskego 5:02.91]

Jochims reacts at the finish after seeing the timing scoreboard showing a new Classic 8 record in the 1600m

Muskego's Kate Sperka's [2nd, 5:05.98]

Allyssa Reeves [Waukesha West, 3rd]

Kylie Finger [Oconomowoc, 4th]

Libby Geisness [Waukesha South, 5th]

Kaya Kuokkanen [Waueksha West, 6th]

Anna Pies [Arrowhead, 7th]

Emma Vorpagel [Arrowhead, 8th]

4x800m Relay Event
Arrowhead's 4x8 edged out Waueksha West 9:45.55 to 9:48.90 to win the 4x8 Classic 8 title
Runners L-R:
Jane Straka, Annettta Stelter, Elizabeth Olshanski, and anchor Anna Schueth


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Brooke Studnicki [Waukesha West anchor]


Anna Schueth [Arrowhead anchor]

4x200m Relay Event
Oconomowoc's 4x2 posted a 1:46.77 to nose out Catholic Memorial's 1:47.01 to win the 4x200m relay.
Runners L-R:
Kosi Hertz, Emma Reno, Grace Carini, and anchor Noa Pellar
4x200m anchors Noa Pellar [Oconomowoc, 1:46.77] and Tatum Straw [Waukesha Catholic Memorial, 1:47.01]
Oconomowoc moved up in the D1 4x2 HR List while Catholic Memorial took over the #1 spot as of May 9th on the D2 4x2 HR List




Long Jump Event

Abbi Smith [Mukwonago, 1st, 16' 11]

Julia Moore [Arrowhead, 2nd 16' 11]

Grace Mandick [Arrowhead, 3rd]
Mandick won the TJ event [35' 06.50]

Liz Eilertson [Mukwoango, 4th]

Taylor Christensen [Mukwonango, 5th]

Sam Pilon [Waukesha South, 6th]

Pole Vault Event

Winner Julia Moore [Arrowhead, 10' 06]

Taylor Christensen [Mukwonago, 2nd, 10' 06]

Sam Pilon [Waukesha South, 3rd]

Emma Warr [Muskego, 4th ]
Photo from 2018 Classic 8 Meet

Isabella Wong [Muskego, 5th]

Sophie Herriot [Arrowhead, 6th]

Nina Morrison [Arrowhead, 6th]

Brooke Branscombe [Mukwonago, 8th]

Zoe Ybarra [Waukesha North, 8th]