Oshkosh Large Schools Invitational

Monday, March 25, 2019. At the Kolf Sports Center. Results.

Finish of the 1600m run: In baseball the "tie goes to runner' but in track with 'FAT' timing the nearest 1/1000ths determines the place. Although both runners recorded a 5:33.24 Kaya Kuokkanen from Waukesha West was the winner [5:33.231] over Oak Creek's Isabella Ross [5:33.239]

42nd Annual Oshkosh Large Schools Invitational ~ Track Events

Head men and womens coach Justin Kinseth and the track and field team at UW-Oshkosh hosted the 42nd annual invitational. Appleton West, Ashwaubenon, Bay Port, De Pere, Fond du Lac, Green Bay Southwest, Hartford Union, Kaukauna, Neenah, Oak Creek, Oshkosh North, Oshkosh West, Plymouth School District, Waukesha North, Waukesha West, Waupaca, West Bend East Suns, and Wisconsin Lutheran competed at the Kolf Sports Center Field House on the campus of UW-Oshkosh. Waukesha West edged out Wisconsin Lutheran and Oak Creek 82-79-76 to win the 17 team meet.

60m High Hurdle Event
Finals L-R: Brooke McDowell [Find du Lac, 2nd], Jendaya Howard [Wisconsin Lutheran, 3rd], and winner ninth grader Sydney Arndt [Fond du Lac, 9.65]
Prelims L-R: Emma Barnard [Green Bay Southwest, 4th], Ella Meeuwsen [Bayport, 6th], and Brooke McDowell [Fond du Lac, 2nd]

Sydney Arndt [ Fond du Lac, 1st]

Sierra Thuecks [Hartford Union, 5th]

Addy Johnson [ De Pere, 7th]

60m Dash Event
Finalsof the 60m dash event L-R:
Oak Creek's Andrea Glaz [5th] & Alaina Holt [4th], winner Payton Hanselman [Neenah, 8.01 =>7.47 55m], and WISCO's Trinity Moore [2nd] & Deanna Campbell [6th]

Payton Hanselman and Trinity Moore

Mikayla Jackson [Neenah, 3rd]

Sydney Spaeth [West Bend East, 7th]

1600m Run Event

Greta Hansen [Green Bay Southwest, 3rd]

Emily Rather [Waukesha West, 5th]

Sydney Clark [Oshkoish North, 6th]

400m Long Dash Event
L-R: Jordan Meulemans [De Pere, 3rd], Brooke Studnicki [Waukesha West, 2nd], and winner Natalie Block [Oak Creek, 1:01.72].

Natalie Block

Waukesha North's Anna Merten [4th] and
Jordan Meulemans

Ellie Richmond [Waukesha West, 6th] and
Audrey Grochowski [Oak Creek, 8th]

4x800m Relay Event
The Wolverines from Waukesha West cliumbed to the #2 D1 4x8 HR position by posting a 10:08.74 win at Oshksoh.
Runners L-R: Kylie Anderson, Allyssa Reeves, Brooke Studnicki, and anchor Brooke Lytle.

4x8 Runners-Kylie Anderson

4x8 Runners

4x8 Runners-Allyssa Reeves

4x8 Runners

4x8 Runner-Brooke Studnicki

4x8 Runner-Brooke Lytle

4x200m Relay Event
The Oak Creek 4x2 edged out Wisconsin Lutheran 1:48.00 to 1:48.49 to move to #2 on the HR D1 4x2 list with their time.
Runners above L-R: Rachel Blaskowski, Alaina Holt and sisters Katie and Maddie Gard. Maddie Gard was the anchor for Oak Creek.

4x2 Runner

4x2 Runners

4x2 Runners

4x2 Runners

4x2 Runners

4x2 Anchors Jiah Hopt [#4] and Maddie Gard
receive the baton from Trinity Moore and Katie Gard

Jaiah Hopf Wisconsin Lutheran anchor and Maddie Gard from Oak Creek at the 4x2 finish.
WISCO moved to #1 on the Monday, March 25 D2 Honor Roll list for the 4x200m relay event. Oak Creek moved to #2 on the Monday, March 25th D1 4x200m HR list.