Wolf/Wangerin Indoor Invitational

Monday, March 18, 2019 at Whitefish Bay HS. Results.

Nicolet hurdle coach Mark Eichler has 3 outstanding hurdlers. One of the three Kynnedi Malone won the 55m hurdle event in 9.04.
Sophomore Kynnedi Malone from Nicolet is shown above in the prelims.

4x800m Relay Event

4x800m Relay

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4x800m Relay

4x800m Relay

4x800m Relay

4x800m Relay

Grafton won the 4x800m relay in 11:14.16.
Runners above L-R: Julia Craun, Elise Lueck, Natalie Cherella, and anchor Julia Wille.
Leg 1 runners prepare to hand off in the 4x160m relay event.

4x160m Relay

4x160m Relay

4x160m Relay

4x160m Relay

4x160m Relay

4x160m Relay

Nicolet won the 4x160m relay event in 1:30.57.
Runners above L-R: Destiny Huven, Kynnedi Malone, Reese Parish, and anchor Abbe Hansen.

Pole Vault Event

Sarah Kirchner [Whitefish Bay, 2nd, 10' 06]


Grace Menzia [Oak Creek, 1st, 10' 06]

Above left: Whitefish Bay PV coach Paul Tilleman. Paul compiles the Top 50 list for Wisconsin Track Online.
Above right: Nicolet PV coach Tom Callahan and Nicolet vaulter Delaney Nikolay.

High Jump Event

Oak Creek's Jamie Finn won the HJ [4' 09]

Anneh Britz [Whitefish Bay, 2nd]

Laviauna Bridgewaters [Brown Deer, 3rd]

Long Jump Event

Makayla Jackson [Milwaukee King, 2nd, 15' 09.50]
Rachel Blaskowski [ Oak Creek, 1st, 15' 11.25]

Ava Wilmanns [Grafton, 7th]

Morgan Martin [DSHA, 10th]

Shot Put Event

Sydnee Roby [Milwaukee King, 1st, 32' 10]

Nevaeh Silverman [Nicolet, 2nd]
Taylor Weiss [Grafton, 4th]

Ava Rozamulski [Oak Creek, 3rd]

55m High Hurdle Event
55m HH Finalists L-R:
Najiah Abdullah [Nicolet, 2nd], Ellie Olson [Whitefish Bay, 3rd], Adia Stampley [Milwaukee King, 5th], and Alexis Cabell [Grafton, 4th].

55m Dash Event
Finals of the 55m dash L-R: Kenya Gaston [Shorewood, 6th], Jacey Grace-Hall [3rd], Josie Kelderman [Nicolet, 2nd], winner Susanna Evans [Whitefish Bay, 7.74], Alaina Holt [Oak Creek, 4th], and Ameerah McClain [Brown Deer, 6th].

Susanna Evans

Josie Kelderman

Jacey Gray-Hall

400m And 800m Events

Aubrey Grochowski [Oak Creek, 1st in 400m]

Grace Gasser [Grafton, 2nd in 400m]

Felicity Hade [Shorewood, 1st in 800m]

800m Run Event

Isabella Ross [Oak Creek, 2nd]

Morgan Ruona [Grafton, 3rd]

Maddy Wille [Grafton, 4th] and
Aitza Romero [Milwaukee king, 5thj

1600m Run Event
Start of the 1600m race L-R: Emily Kolb [Brown Deer], Kelsey Kumbier [Oak Creek], Megan Drzadinski [Oak Creek], Anna Eifert [Grafton], Gwendolyn McCreight [Nicolet], Cassie Schmidt [DSHA][, Marcella Yatso [Shorewood], Peyton Weiss [Milwaukee king], Kate Brennan [Whitefish Bay], Margaret Froh [Milwaukee King], and Annika Elliot [Shorewood].

1600m winner Annika Elliot [5:45.93]

Margaret Froh [2nd]

Peyton Weiss [3rd]