D1 Returning 2019 Qualifiers: Relay Events

Friday, January 1, 2021. D1 Preview. WIAA 2019 Results

D1 4x100m Relay

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Division 1
State Record * 46.02 2011
Milwaukee Bradley Tech

1 Milwaukee King 46.70
2 Divine Savior Holy Angels 48.23
3 Nicolet 48.48
4 Oshkosh West 48.96
5 Oak Creek 49.17
6 Muskego 49.17
7 River Falls 49.21
8 Kimberly 49.50
9 Pulaski 49.69
10 Manitowoc Lincoln 52.17
11 Milwaukee Vincent 49.35
12 Neenah 49.44
14 Madison Memorial 49.77
15 Appleton North 49.81
16 Elkhorn Area 49.86
17 Sun Prairie 49.90
18 Holmen 49.92
19 Waukesha North 50.33
20 Hudson 50.35
21 Baraboo 50.49
22 West Allis Nathan Hale 50.54
23 Stoughton 50.60
24 Marshfield 50.65

Michalene McQuide SR Divine Savior Holy Angels


Hanna Reichenberger SR Kimberly

Wisconsin Lutheran anchor Myla Ellis [JR]. WISCO was a D2 school in 2019 but now is in D1.

Fifteen Years Ago
Milwaukee Vincent Won The 4x100m Relay With A Time Of 48.74.

Vincent 4x1 runners [L-R] Casandra Edwards, Charde Mayne*, Ashante Benson*, and Kennaye Lewis*.
The team members with a '*' also ran on the record setting 4x2 relay team from Vincent.

Ten Years Ago
Milwaukee Bradley Technical 4x100m D1 Champions 2011
Anchor Dezerea Bryant takes the handoff from Angelina Howard
Tech podium photo from top left clockwise: Elexis Fuller-Stewart, Angelina Howard, Dezerea Bryant, and Tahje Whittley
Broke the record of 47.74 set by Milwaukee Rufus King at the 2009 State meet

Five Years Ago
Above right: Wauwatosa West anchor Cheri'A Adams and leg 3 runner Breanna Weigman.
Wauwatosa West podium photo: Front row L-R: Azya McLin and Breanna Weighman. Back Row L-R: Mercy Ndon and Cheri'A Adams.

D1 4x200m Relay

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay Division 1
State Record * 1:38.46 2008
Milwaukee Bradley Technical

1 Nicolet 1:42.39
2 Divine Savior Holy Angels 1:42.53
3 Oshkosh West 1:42.71
4 West Bend West 1:42.92
5 Pulaski 1:43.80
6 Hudson 1:43.97
7 Kimberly 1:44.26
8 Hamilton 1:44.37
9 Kenosha Indian Trail 1:44.50
10 Sun Prairie 1:45.36
11 Janesville Parker 1:45.14
12 Madison Memorial 1:45.39
14 Middleton 1:45.58
15 Wauwatosa East 1:45.62
16 Hartford Union 1:45.62
17 Oak Creek 1:45.74
18 River Falls 1:45.78
19 Baraboo 1:45.94
20 Menomonee Falls
21 Wausau West 1:45.99
22 Oregon 1:46.30

Laetitia Faye


Molly Kallenbach SR Hudson

Molly Greeninger SR Kimberly

Who Will Be The New Medal Winners for 2021?

Skye Lindsey SR Sun Prairie

Fifteen Years Ago

4x2 winner Milwaukee Vincent set a D1 and State record when it recorded a time of 1:41.49 in the D1 4X2 relay event.
This broke the record of 1:41.76 set in the prelims in 1998 by Milwaukee Bradley Technical.
Milwaukee Vincent Team Members.
Bottom row [L-R] Sparkle Lee and Casandra Edwards.
Middle Row [L-R] Coach Alexander and Alexandria Morton.
Top Row [L-R] Ashanti Benson, Ashleigh Kaufmann and Kiauna Pace
Morton who is a junior and three ninth graders Benson, Mayne and Lewis ran on the 4x2 record setting relay team.

Ten Years Ago
Hamilton 2011 D1 4x200m Relay Champions
Above right: Anchor Jess Rupnow
Team members clockwise from top left:
Jess Rupnow
, Brooke Patterson, Ellen Buckley, and Ashley Holicek

Five Years Ago
Oregon's D1 2016 4x2 Gold Medal Winners
Far left - Leg 2 runner Danica Keisling. Far right - Anchor Scarlet Egwuonwu.
Podium photo: Front row L-R Alexis Jackson and Danica Keisling. Back row L-R Scarlet Egwuonwu and Maddie LeBrun


D1 4x400m Relay

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Division 1
State Record * 3:50.75 2016
Wausau West

1 Stevens Point 3:53.81
2 Waunakee 3:58.45
3 Hamilton 3:58.79
4 Muskego 4:00.26
5 Appleton North 4:00.50
6 Franklin 4:01.46
7 Kimberly 4:03.65
8 Germantown 4:04.28
9 West Bend West 4:04.53
10 Slinger 4:05.47
11 Sun Prairie 4:02.56
12 Brookfield East 4:03.17
13 Middleton 4:03.38
14 Eau Claire North 4:03.60
15 Wausau West 4:04.39
16 Madison Memorial 4:04.62
17 Wauwatosa East 4:04.99
18 Ashwaubenon 4:06.13
-- Notre Dame Academy 4:06.45 [Was D2 in 2019]
19 Whitefish Bay 4:07.66
20 Waukesha West 4:07.93
21 Waterford 4:08.41

Stevens Point runner: Mallory Greenwood [JR]


Stevens Point anchor Roisin Willis [JR]

Stevens Point Area Senior High School's Roisin Willis is interviewed after the 4x400m event. In that event she took the baton with SPASH in 5th place. However her 52.70 split gave SPASH an almost 5 second [3:53.81] win over second place Waunakee [3:58.45]. The final event of the day for D1 capped off quite a weekend for Willis as she had set a D1 record in the 800m run on Friday. Her 2:05.68 performance broke the old record of 2:09.22 set by Whifefish Bay runner Camille Davre in 2015.
Waunakee returns three of their 4x4 relay team: Runners L-R: Sara Bova [SR], Kylee Grabarski [JR] , and anchor Chloe Larsen [SR]
4x4 D1 Relay Runners
Ashlyn Uebersetzig
[West Bend West], Breeanna Bartoshevich [Franklin], and Muskego runners Grace Lundie and Rachel Helm
4x4 D1 Relay Runners
Natalie Palzkill [Germantown]
[West Bend West] and Kimberly runners Paige Arent, Madison Tourville, and Amaija Powell

Fifteen Years Ago
The winning D1 4x4 Relay Team From Waukesha West [L-R]:

Stephanie Grant, Erin Dian, Laura Koch and Katie Maasz
The Wolverines had a time of 3:55.83 which at the time was the fastest time run since 1982
Ten Years Ago
Hamilton's 2011 D1 4x400m Champions
Runners L-R:
Ellen Buckley, Ashlyn Paulson, Jess Rupnow, and anchor Brooke Patterson

Five Years Ago
Wausau West's 2016 D1 4x4 Gold Medal Winners:
Runners L-R:
Ana Presa
, Caitlin Deaton, Alyssa Faucett, and anchor Brooke Jaworski
Broke the record of 3:52.82 set by Milwaukee Riverside University at the 2013 State Meet




D1 4x800m Relay

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay Division 1
State Record: 9:00.42 2012

1 Muskego 9:14.37
2 Onalaska 9:19.85
3 Waukesha West 9:22.84
4 Appleton North 9:23.79
5 Arrowhead 9:31.55
6 Monona Grove 9:32.84
7 Homestead 9:35.09
8 Slinger 9:37.24
9 Menomonee Falls 9:38.46
10 Brookfield Central 9:42.50
11 Kimberly 9:42.61
12 Middleton 9:42.61
13 Sun Prairie 9:47.82
14 Madison Memorial 9:50.16
15 Hudson 9:50.32
16 Waterford 9:54.01
17 Germantown 9:55.99
18 Wauwatosa East 9:57.98
19 Kenosha Indian Trail 9:59.06
20 Wausau West 10:00.05
21 Waukesha South 10:00.77
22 Stoughton 10:01.95

Rachel Hellm JR Muskego


Kate Sperka SR Muskego's

The Onalaska 4x8 returns all 4 runners who won the Silver Medal in 2019.
Runners L-R: Seniors Aubrey Clements, Amalia Malecek, Kora Malecek, and anchor Lydia Malecek
4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Abbie Ravanelli
[Homestead], Arrowhead runners Natalie Vogt and Elizabeth Olshanski, Appleton North's Kerry Flood, and Kylie Anderson [Waukesha West]
4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Emma Schoenauer
[Menomonee Falls], Slinger runners Ava Fielbach and Kacey Ott, and Monona Grove runners Teal Coil-Otto and Peighton Nelson
4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Natalie Rhodes
[Madison Memorial] and Middleton runners Lauren Pansegrau, Brielle McDonald, Kaitlyn Peters, and anchor Bella Chirafisi
4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Gina Owen
[Stoughton], Waterford's Kelsey Radobicky and Hannah Schroeder, and Brookfield Central's Claire Cooney and Julia Neustedter
4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Paige Arent
and Shana Brinkman from Kimberly, Elliana Knudsen [Kenosha indian Trail], Lauren Jex [Germantown], and Rachel Jaworsky [Wauasau West]

4x8 D1 Relay Runners
Emma Johnson
and Alyssa Ebeling from Wisconsin Lutheran and Notre Dame Academy runner Molly Desotell.
Wisconsin Lutheran and Notre Academy were D2 schools in 2019 but are now in the D1 tournament series.

Fifteen Years Ago
Middleton D1 4x8 Champions Relay Members
4x8 Runners L-R:
Leah Coyle, Brittany Glassburn, Maggie Bollig and Tessa Pulvermacher

Ten Years Ago
Neenah's 2011 D1 4x800m Champion
Runners L-R:
Claire Knaus, and the Parker sisters Jennifer, Jessica, and anchor Alison

Five Years Ago
Waukesha West's D3 2016 Gold Medal Winning 4x8
Runners L-R:
Samantha Hanson, Brooke Lytle, Becca Langer and anchor Emma Langer.