MPS Varsity Meet At Milwaukee Vincent

Thursday, May 13, 2021 At Milwaukee Vincent. Results

Milwaukee Rufus King hosted the first Milwaukee Public Schools track and field varsity meet. Hamilton, Marshall/MSL/Carmen, Pulaski, Riverside, Ronald Reagan, Rufus King compteted at Vincent Stadium. Rufus King won the meet with 107 points followed by Ronald Reagan, Marshall/MSL/Carmen, and Riverside. The backstretch 400m photo above shows Rufus King senior Aitza Romero [L] and 400m winner Ivian Taylor a senior from Marshall/Milwaukee School of Languages/Carmen who posted a 1:01.34.
400m Dash
Marshall's Ivian Taylor is shown above in the 400m dash. She posted a 1:01.34 to win that event.

Aitza Romero ~ Rufus King [2nd]

Aitza Romero ~ Rufus King

Grace Pica Martinez ~ Hamilton [3rd]

100m Dash
Top 3 100m Dash Finishers
L-R: Caidyn Cotton ~ Rufus King [3rd], Vanessa Ford ~ Rufus King [2nd], and winner Amaliah Taylor [Rufus King, 13.35].

Amaliyah Taylor

Vanessa Ford

Ronald Reagan's Aliana Rauter [4th]

100m High Hurdles
100m HH Top 3 Finishers
L-R: Jasmine Howard [Rufus King, 1st], Jalen Reed [Rufus King, 2nd], and Ariah Ross [Ronald Reagan, 3rd].
4x100m Relay
Rufus King 4x1 Relay Rufus King posted a 52.75 for 1st in the 4x1.
Team members L-R: Caidyn Cotton, Faith Rouse, Vanessa Ford, and anchor Amaliyah Taylor.
Leg 3 runner Vanessa Ford hands off to anchor Amaliah Taylor.

Faith Rouse hands off to Vanessa Ford

Faith Rouse

Caidyn Cotton hands off to Faith Rouse

4x200m Relay
Rufus King Won The 4x2 [1:57.39]
Runners L-R: Jasmine Howard, Faith Rouse, Makayla Varner, and anchor Caidyn Cotton.

Jasmine Howard

Faith Rouse hands off to Makayla Varner

Anchor Caidyn Cotton

4x800m Relay
The Huskies from Rondald Reagan Won The 4x8 In 12:49.33
L-R: Audre Young-Huggins, Leia Cameron, Megan Balke, and anchor Natalie Flores.

Audre Young-Huggins hands off to Leia Cameron

Megan Balke

Anchor Natalia Flores

Long Jump

Silvera Dudenhoefer [Ronald Reagan, 1st]

Chasity Campbell [Marshall, 2nd]

Ariah Ross [Ronald Reagan, 3rd]