Blackhawk Invitational At Viroqua

Monday, May 10, 2021 at Viroqua High School. Results.

Head Coach Adrian Ugo and his staff hosted the annual Blackhawk Varsity Invitational at Viroqua's athletic field and track. D2 Bangor, Brookwood, Cashton, De Soto, Hillsboro, and Royall, along with D2 West Salem, Westby Area High School, and host Viroqua competed on a col clear night. Westby outpointed Royall 144 to 114.5 for the team title. Westby's Grace Hebel won the 100, 200, and LJ events while Cashton's Adelynn Hyatt was a triple winner in the HH, LL, and 4x1 relay events. Defending State Champion Jessic Brueggemen the D3 record holder in the LJ and TJ won the TJ event with a distance of 35' 04. In the HH finals above Emma Gruen [Royall, 3rd], Katrina Koppa [Viroqua, 2nd] and Cashton's Adelynn Hyatt [1st in 15.84] were the top finishers.

100m HH
As of May 10th the D2 Honor Roll leader in the HH was Viroqua's Katrina Koppa while the Honor Roll D3 leader was Cashton's Adelynn Hyatt. Shown in the finals above L-R: Emma Gruen [Royall, 3rd], Katrina Koppa [Viroqua, 2nd], Paige Hoeft [Cashton, 8th], winner Adelynn Hyatt [Cashton, 15.84], Lilly Milleren [De Soto, 4th], and Westby's Meghan Nelson [5th].

Adelynn Hyatt

Katrina Koppa

Emma Gruen. Gruen won the HJ [4' 10]
[She is 2nd on the D3 Week 3 HR at 5' 04]

100m Dash
Finals Of The 100m Dash
L-R: Madeline Wainwright [Royall, 4th], winner Grace Hebel [Westby,13.19], Braylee Hyatt [Cashton [2nd], and Bangor's Megan Marr [3rd]
400m Dash
400m Dash Runners
L-R: Autumn Brandau [Brookwood, 3rd], Ali Weninger [Westby, 2nd], Linnea Peterson [Viroqua, 4th], and winner Trinity Vento from De Soto [1:05.32].
1600m Run
First Lap of the 1600m shows Marah Gruen a ninth grader from Royall taking an early lead.
Gruen held on for first place and also placed 4th in the TJ and third in the LJ events.
1600m runners
L-R: Marah Gruen [Royall, 1st, 5:43.87], Alena Donahue [West Salem [2nd], Audra Johnson [Westby, 3rd], and Denali Huebner [Westby,4th].
300m LH
300m Low Hurdle Athletes
L-R: Teagan Rooney [Westby, 4th], Meghan Nelson [Westby, 2nd], Maddie Wopat [West Salem, 3rd], and winner Adelynn Hyatt [Cashton, 48.59].
4x800m Relay
Brookwood won the 4x8 in 11:01.00
Runners L-R: Margarita Silva, Kimmie Downing, Lainey Teynor, and anchor Katie Gruen.

Anna Dlugi

Margarita Silva

Kimmie Downing

Erika Brendel

Lainey Teynor

Anchor Katie Gruen

4x200m Relay
West Salem won the 4x200m relay in 2:02.41
Runners L-R: Emma Clements, Machaela Antony, Kyla Mooney, and anchor Genevieve Merkel-Sprain.

West Salem anchor Genevieve Merkel-Sprain

West Salem's Machaela Antony
handing off to leg 3 runner Kyla Mooney

Brookwood's Haley Nevin

4x100m Relay
The Top 2 D3 4x1 teams [as of May 10 ] competed at the Blackhawk Invitational. Cashton edged out Royall 52.12 to 52.79 for the win.
Cashton runners L-R: Adelynn Hyatt, Jaiden Hansberry, Braylee Hyatt, and anchor Annie Schreier.
Note-Schreier also won the SP [34' 03]
Left: Final exchange in the 4x1 shows anchors Jessica Brueggeman [L] and Annie Schreier [R] getting the baton from leg 3 runners Emma Gruen [Royall] and Braylee Hyatt [Cashton]. Right: Cashton anchor Annie Schreier.
Long Jump
Left: Long jump winner Grace Hebel [Westby, 16' 03]. Right: TJ winner Jesscia Brueggeman [Royall, 35' 04, shown in LJ].
Bruggeman was 2nd in the LJ while Hebel was 2nd in the TJ.


Katrina Koppa in the TJ [Viroqua, 3rd]

Viroqua Head Coach Adrian Ugo
coaching in the horizontal jumps area