Thursday, June 24, Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26, 2021: Veterans Memorial Field @ UW-La Crosse. Results: All | D1 | D2 | D3 | WC
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4x100m Relay
Shiocton [49.90], Royall [50.49], and Mischicot [50.55] staged a furious 4x1 race. In the final exchange above L-R: Loyal's Alyssia Zvolena prepares to take the baton from Aubre Robida while Gold Medal team Shiocton anchor Kendal Stingle recieves the baton from Brehanna Cohen as Mischicot's Desiree Kliemen accelerates after taking the baton from Paige Hoffman. The Shiocton Stingle triplets Cade [Boys Silver Medal in the 300m LH], Ari [Gold Medal as part of the 4x1], and Kendall [Gold Medal in the 300m LH and 4x1] are only sophomores.

Cashton's anchor Annie Schreier

Royall anchor Jessica Brueggeman

Top row left clockwise the Shiocton 4x1: Brehanna Cohen, Kendall Stingle, Karissa Birch, and Ari Stingle.

4x200m Relay
Lancaster won the 4x200m relay with a time of 1:46.69. Second leg runner Bridee Burks [left] and anchor Lainee Burks [middle] are shown above. The team above right from top left clockwise: Eden Brown, Bridee Burks, Lainee Burks, and Caitlyn Hahn.
4x400m Relay
Fennimore [4:06.64] won the 4x4 followed by Prairie Farm [4:11.29] and Cochrane-Fountain City [4:11.51]

Makaylin Christenson ~ Prairie Farm
[Silver Medal]

Lydia Engel ~ Cochrane-Fountain City
[Bronze Medal]

Fennimore's winning 4x4 from top left clockwise:
Brynlee Nelson, Braycee Nelson,
Lauryn Bunn, and Delanee Klaas.

Shaylee Stokes ~ Prairie Farm

Braycee Nelson and Brooke Allemann

Addie Christenson ~ Prairie Farm

Anchors Breilynn Halverson [C-FC]
and Jessica Brueggeman [Royall]

Riley Whitman Prairie Farm anchor

Brynlee Nelson Fennimore anchor

4x800m Relay
The Boscobel quartet of [L-R] Lilah Glasbrenner, Abri Brown, Skyler Carlin, and anchor Ellie Jillson won the 4x8 in 9:58.22.
They were followed by Fall Creek [9:59.08] and Lancaster [10:01.44].

Lilah Glasbrenner ~ Boscobel

Leg 3 runner Skyler Carlin gets
the baton from Abri Brown

Anchor Ellie Jillson

Fall Creek [2nd place] leg 2 runner Megan
gets the baton from Emallie Sorenson

Katie Kent ~ Fall Creek

Jenna Anders Fall Creek anchor

Lancaster [3rd place] leg 2 runner
Kristin Muench gets the baton from Bridee Burks

Mikayla Smith ~ Lancaster

Mallory Olmstead Lancaster anchor

4X100m Relay
Prescott [center team] edged Fox Valley Lutheran's 4x1 49.55 to 50.13 to win the Gold Medals in the 4x1. La Crosse Logan took third in 50.27. In the final exchange above L-R: anchor Annalise Patchett and Courtney Kufahl from FVL, Tori Benck Prescott's anchor recieves the baton from Abby Severson, and Logan anchor Avery Trohkimoinen prepares to get the baton from leg 3 Lauren Boge. The Prescott 4x1 consisted of Grace Carlson, Jedssie Urman, Abby Severson, and anchor Tori Benck.

Fox Valley Lutheran anchor Annalise Patchett

Prescott anchor Tori Benck

Prescott's winning 4x1 from top left clockwise:
Jessie Urman, Grace Carlson,
Tori Benck
, and Abby Severson.

4x200m Relay
The Madison Edgewood Gold Medal winning 4x2 [1:43.85] L-R: Brookelle Ternus, Joelle Brown, Amber Grosse, and anchor Nikita Lebbie.

Prescott [Silver Medal] runner Jessie Urman

La Crosse Logan [Bronze Medal] runner
Elsa Hirsch
and Edgewood's Joelle Brown

Anchors Nikita Lebbie [Edgewood]
and Tori Benck [Prescott]

4x400m Relay
Freedom won the 4x4 in 4:02.30 followed by Hayward [4:05.36] and Shorewood [4:06.49]

Ashley Vondrachek ~ Freedom

Gwen Hinz ~ Freedom

Macy Verhasselt ~ Freedom

Freedom anchor Grace Hambel

Freedom's Gold Medal winning 4x4
From top left cloickwise:
Ashley Vondrachek, Grace Hambel,
Gwen Hinz
, and Macy Verhasselt

Avery Poppe ~ Hayward

Ana Johnson ~ Hayward

Camilla Bonicatto ~ Hayward

Hayward anchor Sierra Clifford

Fiona Skwierawski ~ Shorewood

Isabelle Lozier ~ Shorewood

Shorewood anchor Annika Elliott

4x800m Relay
Shorwood won the 4x8 in 9:32.92 followed by Freedom [9:40.13] and Winneconne [9:43.12]

Winneconne's Sophie Yetter and
Shorewood's Isabella Lozier

Marcella Yatso ~ Shorewood

Louisa Fowler ~ Shorewood

Shorewood anchor Annika Elliott

Sydney Bartels ~ Freedom

Bartels hands off to Macy Verhasselt

Emily Jahnke ~ Freedom

Freedom anchor Gwen Hinz

Leah Krohn ~ Winneconne

Left: Winneconne anchor Joey Perry

Right: The Shorewood Gold Medal 4x8
from top left clockwise:
Isabella Lozier,
Marcella Yatso,
Annika Elliott,

and Louisa Fowler




4x100m Relay
In a rain free moment in the D1 meet on Saturday, June 26, the 4x1 final exchange shows Muskego in the lead. They held that lead to win in 50.07. They were followed by Homestead [50.24], Mukwonago [50.64], and Oak Creek [50.66]. Runners above from the left with the anchor named first: Homestead's Theodora Krueger and Bailey Timmer, Mukwonago's Logan Fritsch and Taylor Boucher, Muskego's Angelica Refinski and Grace Lundie, and Oak Creek's Rachel Blaskowski and Ayla Schuster.
Left: Muskego 4x1 anchor Angelica Refinski accelerates in the race to the finish line. The Muskego 4x1 L-R: Tessa Buckmaster, Megan Reedy, Grace Lundie, and anchor Angelica Refinski.
4x200m Relay
The Muskego Gold Medal 4x2 [1:44.59] L-R: Nicole Doerr, Megan Reedy, Grace Lundie, and anchor Angelica Refinski.
Unlike the 4x1 the 4x2 was held in a Niagara Falls type of rain but amazingly Wisconsin Track Online did not see one dropped baton in that race.

Muskego leg 2 runner Megan Reedy

Muskego anchor Angelica Refinski

Hudson Leg 2 runner Mikayla Kallenbach

4x400m Relay
Muskego won its third relay of the meet by posting a 4:01.99 in the 4x400m. They were followed by Waunakee [4:03.45] and West De Pere [4:05.05].
And of course the heavy rains of Saturday highlighted the last event of the three day WIAA State Meet sessions.

Muekego leg 1 runner Nicole Doerr

Leg 2 runners Rachel Helm [Muskego]
and Lydia Malecek [Onalaska]

Grace Lundie Muskego leg 3 runner

Muskego anchor Angelica Refinski

Muskego's Gold Medal 4x4
Runners from top left clockwise: Grace Lundie, Nicole Doerr, Angelica Refinski, and Rachel Helm

Waunakee leg 1 runner Sara Bova

Waunakee leg 2 runner Darya Pronina

Waunakee anchor Chloe Larsen

Eliza Aitken

Ellie Drews

Leg 3 runners Kylee Grabarski [Waunakee]
and West De Pere's Emily Sharapata

West De Pere's anchor Jocelyn Thomas

4x800m Relay
The Onalaska 4x8 opened the running events of the D1 Saturday, June 26 State Meet by winning that relay with a time of 9:10.34. They were followed by Kaukauna [9:33.55] and Muskego [9:40.20]. The Onalaska 4x8 above L-R: Leg 2 runner Kora Malecek, anchor Lydia Malecek, leg 3 runner Jillian Lonning, and leadoff runner Amalia Malecek.

Cailin Kinas [Kaukauna] and
Amalia Malecek in leg 1 of the 4x8

Kora Malecek

Jillian Lonning

Anchor Lydia Malecek

Alexa Kinas ~ Kaukauna

Sydney Fauske ~ Kaukauna

Kaukauna anchor Anna Fauske

McKayla Felton ~ Muskego

Noelle Junig ~ Muskego

Muskego anchor Rachel Helm

Brookfield Central anchor Julia Neustedter

Onalaska's Gold Medal 4x8
Runners from top left clockwise: Kora Malecek,
Jillian Lonning, Amalia Malecek, and Lydia Malecek