Returning D3 Qualifiers: Relay Events

Tuesday, January 1, 2019. Preview. WIAA. 2018 Results.

Final Exchange Of The D3 4x100m Relay
Runners L-R:
Sydney Lurvey and Kortnie Volk from Three Lakes.Phelps, Anna Caswell and Briana Lund from Wild Rose, Allison Everson and
Ashlie Lockington from Bangor, Elizabeth Misky and Mykenzie Vaassen [GRAD] from 1st place Cuba City, and Edgar's Bailey Imhoff

D3 4x100m Relay

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Division 3
State Record * 49.21 2012

-- Aquinas 50.00 [D3 in 2019]
1 Cuba City 50.74
2 Bangor 50.99
3 Algoma 51.20
4 Wild Rose 51.27
5 Melrose-Mindoro 51.42
6 Saint Mary's Springs 51.50
7 Three Lakes/Phelps 51.52
8 Edgar 51.62
9 Regis 51.66
10 Ithaca/Weston 51.93
11 Auburndale 51.81
12 Abbotsford 52.12
13 Living Word Lutheran 52.44
14 Glenwood City 52.73
15 Shell Lake 52.76
16 Rio 52.90

Cuba City's Mykenzie Vaassen and Elizabeth Misky

Left-Right: Except for Vaassen the other runners return

Bangor's Ashlie Lockington and Allison Everson

4x100 runners L-R: Lexi Donarski [Aquinas, D2 in 2018], Sydney Lurvey and Kortnie Volk [Three Lakes/Phelps], and Briana Lund [Wild Rose].
4x100m runners L-R: Emily Herzberg and Eviana Radcliffe [Melrose-Mindoro], Kendell Ahern [St.Mary's Springs], and Bailey Imhoff and Danielle Lemanski [Edgar].
After qualifying 4th in the prelims the 2009 Frederic 4x100m relay team came back to win the Gold Medal in the finals with a time of 51.72. Leg 3 runner [#428, LJ event] Jade Johnson and anchor Sage Karl [100m prelims] are shown above. Above right: 2018 anchor Bria Thalacker from Regis
Fifteen Years Ago: 2004 4x100 And 4x200 Champions
Arcadia 50.67, 1:45.93 [Note-In 2004 Arcadia was a D3 tournament team. For 2019 Arcadia is in the D2 tournament series]
Relay runners from L-R: Briana Berg, Becky Sobota, Shawna Flury, and Samantha Lisowski.

D3 4x200m Relay

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay Division 3
State Record * 1:44.37
Edgar 2010
Poynette 1985

1 Bangor 1:47.56
2 Wild Rose 1:47.68
3 Lourdes Academy 1:47.99
4 Melrose-Mindoro 1:48.01
5 Shell Lake 1:48.69
6 Saint Mary's Springs 1:48.74
7 Cuba City 1:49.66
8 Pacelli 1:49.69
9 Abbotsford 1:49.73
10 Auburndale 1:50.75
11 Regis 1:49.93
12 Darlington 1:50.59
13 Spring Valley 1:50.84
14 Algoma 1:50.94
15 Sevastopol 1:51.41
16 Rio 1:52.44

Briana Lund [Wild Rose]

--- --- ---

Emily Herzberg [Melrose-Mindoro

4x200 anchors L-R: Ashlie Lockington [Bangor], Emily Herzberg [Melrose-Mindoro], Olivia Bennot [GRAD, Wild Rose], and Alexis Rolph [Lourdes Academy].
4x2 runners L-R:
Emery Nielsen [Shell Lake], Kendall Ahern [St. Mary's Springs], Kaylee Pitzen [Cuba City],
Grace Van Handel [Pacelli], Mel Kunze [Abbotsford], and Isabelle Hilber [Auburndale]

D3 4x400m Relay

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay Division 3
State Record * 3:58.31 2012

1 Hilbert/Stockbridge 4:05.96
2 Auburndale 4:06.58
3 Pacelli 4:07.41
4 Luther 4:09.01
5 Saint Mary's Springs 4:10.45
6 Johnson Creek 4:10.90
7 Bangor 4:12.12
8 Royall 4:14.73
9 Algoma 4:17.39
10 Wild Rose 4:19.03
11 Fall Creek 4:14.18
12 Potosi 4:14.66
13 Shell Lake 4:18.69
14 Glenwood City 4:20.44
15 Rosholt 4:22.68
16 Phillips 4:22.71

Veronica Thiel [Hilbert/Stockbridge]

Left and right: Returning 4x8 runners.

Isabelle Hilber [Aburndale and
Makaylee Kuhn [Hilbert/Stockbridge]

4x400 runners from Auburndale L-R: Isabelle Jewell, Paityn Hamus, and Isabelle Hilber.
4x400 runners L-R: Grace Engebretson and Grace Van Handel from Pacelli.
4x400 runners L:-R:
Kittana Kulig [Johnson Creek], Luther's Cianna Hoppe, Wild Rose runners Mackenzie Caves and Kiana Julian,
and anchors Hannah Constable [Johnson Creek] and Allison Taylor [St. Mary's Springs]
4x400m runners L-R: Peyton Walters and Leah Fitter [St. Mary's Springs], and Johnson Creek runners Taylor Hallam and Mateah Roehl.
4x400m runners L-R: Allison Everson [Bangor] and Royall runners Jessica Brueggeman, Emma Gruen, and Tenley Wopat.

D3 4x800m Relay

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay Division 3
State Record * 9:31.47 2013
St. Mary's Springs

1 Hilbert/Stockbridge 9:47.72
-- Palmyra-Eagle 10:03.26 [D2 in 2018]
2 Auburndale 10:04.53
3 Sevastopol 10:05.88
4 Dodgeland 10:06.89
5 Pacelli 10:07.33
6 Ozaukee 10:08.08
7 Fennimore 10:17.27
8 Boscobel 10:19.11
9 Darlington 10:21.43
10 Lourdes Academy 10:25.17
11 River Ridge 10:30.71
12 Rosholt 10:37.72
13 Shell Lake 10:39.88
14 Rib Lake 10:43.86
15 Glenwood City 10:46.07
16 Cadott 10:47.40

Veronica Thiel Hilbert/Stockbridge leadoff runner

-Left and right: Returning 4x8 runners.

Makaylee Kuhn Hilbert/Stockbridge anchor

Above left: Hilber/Stockbridge 4x8 teammates Megan Lau, Shania Schmitz and Veronica Thiel congratulate anchor Makaylee Lee.
Above right: Leg 3 4x8 runners Taylor Stanton [Auburndale], Shawna Newton [Boscobel], and Jenna Schueller [Ozaukee].
4x8 runners L-R:Mya Ploor, Lizzy Fiscus and anchor Olivia Stenzil [Sevastopol] and Dodgeland anchor Meygan Benzing.
4x8 leg 1 runners L-R: Amber Studzinski [Rosholt], Faith Glasbrenner [Boscobel], Grace Engelbretson [#7, Pacelli], Zoe Kuehn [Sevastopol], Lauryn Bunn [Fennimore], Ashlee Mueller [Ozaukee], and Auburndale's Macie Schmeiser.
4x8 Pacelli runners L-R: Maya Kunze and Grace Van Handel [above center and right].
Ozaukee 4x8 runners Ashlee Mueller, Kelley Large, Jenna Schueller, and anchor Amy Hoffman.
4x8 runners L-R: Lourdes Academy runners Ellen Moore, Moore, Maria Tushar, Tushar, and Addie Masini and Zoei Goodrich [Rib Lake].
River ridge 4x8 returning runners L-R: Skylar White, Taylor Langmeier, Riley Klein, and anchor Faith Schier.
4x8 runners L-R: Ally Czeshinski [Palmyra-Eagle, D2 in 2018] and Shell Lake runners Brittany Clark, Fran Kevan, and anchor Makenna Anderson.
Cadott 4x8 runners L-R: Kaileigh Tice, Hailey Wellner, anchor Abby Eiler, and Eiler.
Below: Teams in the Top 6 that return all runners. Runners listed from top left clockwise.

Ozaukee 4x8: Amy Hoffman, Jenna Schueller
Ashlee Mueller, and Kelley Large

Dodgeland 4x8: Kaitlin Pickart, Meygan Benzing,
Rachel Parbs, and Jada Kohn

Sevastopol 4x8: Olivia Stenzel, Mya Ploor,
Zoe Kuehn, and Lizzy Fiscus.