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Milwaukee King head coach Calvin Matthew is shown during Saturday warmups working with his 4x1 relay team.
Later in the meet the King 4x1 approached the 2011 Bradley Technical record of 46.02 in the 4x1 relay

Note-Many of the relay teams are not identified as to individual runners.
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4x100m RELAY
Three Lakes/Phelps anchor Kortnie Volk has some ground to make up at the final exchange of the D3 4x1 race. Three Lakes nosed out Manawa 50.32 to 50.42 for the Gold Medal. Manawa anchor Aspen Linjer [far left] turned on the jets to surprise everyone with a second place finish . Manawa had qualified 8th for finals. Regis finished third- Regis anchor Bria Thalacker is shown getting the baton from Josie Stender.
4x1 anchors
Bria Thalacker [Regis], Bailey Imhoff [Edgar] Kortnie Volk [Three Lakes/Phelps],
Cassie Skattebo [Shell Lake], Haley Durst [Ithaca/Weston], and Wild Rose's Mackenzie Caves

Kortnie Volk and Sydney Lurvey

Aspen Linjer and Mataya Moede

Bria Thalacker and Josie Stender

Gold Medal ~ Three Lakes
Kortnie Volk, Sydney Lurvey,
Kara Sowinski, and Emily Fink

Silver Medal ~ Manawa
Laynie Bessette, Ireland Griffin,
Mataya Moede, and Aspen Linjer

Bronze Medal ~ Regis

4x200m RELAY
4x2 Anchors L-R:
Leah Flitter [SMSA], Rebecca Schauer [Ozaukee], Bailey Imhoff [Edgar], Alyssen Noriega [Monticello],
Kathleen Mathias [Darlington] and Lexi Donarski who anchored the Aquinas 4x2 to a Gold Medal

Leg 2 Aquinas runner Grace Gyllander

Leg 2 SMSA runner Allison Taylor

Leg 2 Ozaukee runner Brianna Bustamante

Aquinas ~ Gold Medal
Lexi Donarski, Courtney Becker,
Grace Gyllander, and Andrea White

Saint Mary's Springs Academy ~ Silver Medal

Ozaukee ~ Bronze Medal
Delanie McFadden, Brianna Bustamaante,
Rebecca Schauer, and Ashlee Mueller

4x400m RELAY
Leg 2 runners in the 4x4 L-R:
Emma Gruen [Royall], Fran Kevan [Shell Lake], Auburndale's Macie Schmeiser, Karlie Meyer [Aquinas] and Delanee Klass from 4x4 champion Fennimore

Leg 3 runner Shelby Thicke [Aquinas]

Leg 3 runners Maddy Adam [Fennimore] and Auburndale's Isabelle Hilber

Fennimore anchor Brylee Nelson

Fennimore ~Gold Medal
Delanee Klaas, Lauryn Bunn,
Maddy Adam, and anchor Brynlee Nelson

Aquinas ~ Silver Medal

Auburndale ~ Bronze Medal

4X800m RELAY

Macie Schmeiser led off the winning Auburdale 4x8.
Also shown are Lancaster's Bridee Burks
and Boscobel leadoff runner Abri Brown

Leg 2 runners Erricka Zenner [Auburndale]
and Kristen Muench [Lancaster]

Auburndale leg 3 runner Jordyn Karl

Auburndal anchor Vanessa Mitchell

Sevastopol leg 2 runner Mya Ploor

Sevastopol anchor Olivia Stenzel

Auburndale ~ Gold Medal
Vanessa Mitchell, Jordyn Karl
Macie Zenner, and Macie Schmeiser

Sevastopol ~ Silver Medal

Dodgeland ~ Bronze Medal

4x100m RELAY
Bloomer won both of the sprint relays.
In the final exchange above Bloomer leg 3 runner Vanessa Jenneman shouts encouragement to anchor Alexa Post

Bloomer's Vanessa Jenneman
hands off to anchor Alexa Post

Fox Valley Lutheran's Reagan Duwe
hands off to anchor Leyna Herzog-Hahnke

Shorewood's Kendall Cole hands off
to anchor Jacey Gray-Hall

Bloomer ~ Gold Medal
Alexa Post, Grace Post,
Maggie Sarauer, and Vanessa Jenneman

Fox Valley Lutheran ~ Silver Medal
Ellyse Wolfrath, Reagan Duwe,
Maddie Jacobsen, and Leyna Herzog-Hahnke

Shorewood ~ Bronze Medal
Kenya Gaston, Jacey Gray Hall,
Kendall Cole, and Fiona Skwierawski

4x200m RELAY
Leg 2 runners in the D2 4x200 L-R:
Gabby Johnson [Freedom], Wisconsin Lutheran's Carissa Sundholm, Megan Gilles [Prescott], and Grace Post from D2 4x2 Champion Bloomer
4x2 anchors: Jaiah Hopf [Wisconsin Lutheran], Prescott's Abby Syverson, and Bloomer's Alexa Post.

Bloomer ~ Gold Medal
Alexa Post, Grace Post,
Maggie Sarauer, and Vanessa Jenneman

Wisconsin Lutheran ~ Silver Medal
Trinity Moore, Jaiah Hopf,
Carissa Sundholm, and Mikayla Oertal

Prescott ~ Bronze Medal
Tori Benck, Megan Giles,
Abby Severson, and Grace Carlson

4x400m RELAY

The Lodi 44 qualified 4th for finals with a 4:04.38 time. However in finals the Lodi quartet who had run together since eighth grade won the Gold Medal in 4:00.09

leg 1 runners Mackenzie Heyroth [Lodi]
and Plymouth's Gabi Mella

Isabelle Clary - Leg 2 for Lodi

Hannah Busser - leg 3 for Lodi

Lodi anchor Rhianna Walzer

Freedom leg 2 runner Sam Bartels

Freedom's Rayna Stordahl ran the 3rd leg

Freedom anchor Gabby Johnson

Leg 2 runners Katie Haase [Osceola]
and Plymouth's Sierra Grimm

Plymouth leg 3 runner Libby Tournour

Plymouth anchor Lauren Rabe

Osceola anchor Caroline Gearin

Maeve O'Driscoll the Edgewood anchor

Lodi ~ Gold Medal
Rhianna Walzer, Hannah Busser,
Isabelle Clary, and Mackenzie Heyroth

Freedom ~ Silver Medal
Sam Bartels, Gabby Johnson,
Grace Hambel and Rayna Stordahl

Plymouth ~ Bronze Medal

4x800m RELAY
The D2 4x8 was quite a race with multiple teams in contention right to the end. Osceola won in 9:30.69.
Above Leg 1 runners L-R: Kayla Haley [Notre Dame Academy], Jocelyn Aprill [Kiel], Hayward's Ingrid Sokup, Osceola's Katie Haase,
Lakeland Union's Riley Mauzer [hidden], Medford Area's Franny Seidel, Olivia Rabe [Plymouth], and East Troy's Morgan Bartlett
The D2 4x8 Gold Medal winners from Osceola posted a 9:30.69.
Runners above L-R:
Alli Fogelberg, Lauren Ellefson, Caroline Gearin, and Katie Haase.

Leg 2 runners L-R:
Edgewwod's Kaitlyn Barth, Lakeland Union's Kate Melms, Ella Rondeau [East Troy], and Osceola's Alli Fogelberg

Leg 3 runners L-R:
Lauren Ellefson [Osceola], Christina Nolting [East Troy], and Stephanie Mauzer [Lakeland Union]

Anchors L-R: Allie Gruttner [Plymouth], Rachel Bottum [East Troy], and Aubrey Anderson [Lakeland Union]

Anchors Caroline Gearin [Osceola 9:30.69]
and Maeve O'Driscoll [Edgewood, 9:31.13]

Maeve O'Driscoll

Caroline Gearin

Osceola ~ Gold Medal
Lauren Ellefson, Caroline Gearin,
Katie Haase, and Alli Fogelberg

Edgewood ~ Silver Medal

East Troy ~ Bronze Medal
Rachel Bottum, Morgan Bartlett,
Christina Nolting, and Ella Rondeau

4x100M RELAY
Rosie Cramer looks on as anchor Makayla Jackson jets to the finish line and a 46.70 [46.54 in prelims] clocking earning Milwaukee King the Gold Medal in the 4x100m relay
4x1 anchors L-R:
Kiley Robbins [DSHA, 48.23], Devin Hable [Oshkosh West, 48.96], Destiny Huven [Nicolet, 48.48], and Maddie Gard [Oak Creek, 49.17]

Gold Medal ~ Milwaukee Rufus King
Makayla Jackson, Rosie Cramer,
Amari Brown
and Camarii Tellis,

Silver Medal ~ Divine Savior Holy Angels
Michalene McQuide, Kiley Robbins, and
Makayla Hughes.
.Jadin O'Brien was the other runner.
O'Brien had to report to the 300m LH event

Bronze Medal ~ Nicolet
Destiny Huven, Reese Parrish,
Kynnedi Malone
and Josie Kelderman

4x200m RELAY
Nicolet was DQ'ed but that was overturned and the Knights ended up winning the 4x2
Anchors in the 4x200m relay event L-R:
Devin Hable [Oshkosh West], Abbey Canfield [West Bend West], Destiny Huven [Nicolet], and Reegan Schmidt [DSHA]

Leg 2 runners L-R: Nithya Ambati [Oshkosh West]
and Maddie Paulsen [West Bend West].

Leg 2 runners L-R: Laetitia Faye [DSHA]
and Nicolet's Reese Parish

Anchors Destiny Huven and Reegan Schmidt

Nicolet [1:42.39] ~ Gold Medal
Destiny Huven, Kynnedi Malone,
Reese Parish, and Ituoghirisic Igoni

Divine Savior Holy Angels [1:42.53] ~ Silver Medal
Michalene McQuide, Reegan Schmidt,
Laetitia Faye, and Makayla Hughes

Oshkosh West [1:42.71] ~ Bronze Medal
Claire Sugrue, Devin Hable,
Nithya Ambati, and Megan Best

4x400m RELAY
Leg 2 runners in the D1 4x400m L-R:
Lexi Zuehlke [Hamilton], Savanah Balcerek [Muskego], Mallory Greenwood [SPASH], Riley Armstrong [Waunakee], and Annessa Ihde [Appleton North]

leg 3 runner Morgan Price [Hamilton]

Leg 3 runners Maddie Hyland [SPASH]
and Kylee Grabarski [Waunakee]

Leg 3 runners Ireland Budiac [Appleton North]
and Rachel Helm [Muskego]

The incredible intensity displayed by all the Wisconsin athletes at the State Meet is reflected in the faces of the D1 anchors as they await the baton from their teammate.
Anchors L-R:
Rachel Passow [Hamilton], Sydney Squire [Appleton North], Chloe Larsen [Waunakee],
Emilia Dalamangus [Muskego], Roisin Willis [SPASH], and Amaija Powell [Kimberly]

SPASH anchor Roisin Willis

Waunakee anchor Chloe Larsen

Check out the 'splits' for the 4x4 anchors

Stevens Point Area Senior High ~ Gold Medal
Taylor Konczal, Roisin Willis,
Maddie Hyland, and Mallory Greenwood

Waunakee ~ Silver Medal
Chloe Larsen, Sara Bova,
Kylee Grabarski, and Riley Armstrong

Hamilton ~ Bronze Medal
Morgan Price, Rachel Passow,
Lexi Zuehlke, and Elizabeth Behrndt

4x800m RELAY
The Saturday portion of the State Meet began with the 4x800m relay.
Above are the leg 1 runners L-R:
Payton Jenks-Recker [Monona Grove], Anna Czupryna [Hudson] Aubrey Clements [Onalaska-hidden], Amber Hodges [Sun Prairie], Eileen Tocco [Menomonee Falls],
Waukesha West's Brooke Studnicki, Brittany Helm [Muskego], and Madison Memorial's Hayley Gaines. Muskego won the event with a time of 9:14.37.

Leg 2 runner Rachel Helm [Muskego]

Leg 2 runner Amalia Malecek [Onalaska]

Leg 2 runner Allyssa Reeves [Waukesha west]

Leg 3 runner Kate Sperka [Muskego]

Leg 3 runner Kora Malecek [Onalaska]

Leg 3 runners Jadee Christiansen [Monona Grove],
Kerry Flood [Appleton North, and Kylie Anderson [Waukesha West]

Muskego anchor Kate Jochims

Onalaska anchor Lydia Malecek

Anchors Annessa Ihde [Appleton North]
and Waukesha West 's Brooke Lytle

Muskego ~ Gold Medal
Rachel Helm, Kate Sperka,
Brittany Helm, and Kate Jochims

Silver Medal ~ Onalaska
Kora Melecek, Aubrey Clements,
Lydia Malecek, and Amalia Malecek

Waukesha West ~ Bronze Medal
Brooke Studnicki, Brooke Lytle,
Kylie Anderson, and
Allyssa Reeves