Thursday, June 24, Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26, 2021: Veterans Memorial Field @ UW-La Crosse. Results: All | D1 | D2 | D3 | WC
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Shot Put throwing Venue At UW- La Crosse
Shot Put
D3 SP Medalists L-R: Marissa Schaal, Maddy Near, Bobbi Blahnik, Champion Emily Fink, Brooke Neumann, and Monraye Ermis.

Emily Fink [1st, Three Lakes/Phelps, 42' 06]

Bobbi Blahnik [2nd, Algoma, 39' 08]

Brooke Neumann [3rd, Northland Lutheran]

Maddie Near [4th, Howards Grove]

Monraye Ermis [5th, Manitowoc Lutheran]

Karissa Schaal [6th, Gillett]

Photo Essay By Anna Westmark

Emily Fink

Emily Fink

Emily Fink

Bobbi Blahnik

Bobbi Blahnik

Brooke Neumann

D3 Medlaists L-R: Bobbi Blahnik, Bailey Angell, Brooke Neumann, Champion Karissa Schaal, Kiersten Jensen, and Savanna Frederick.

Karissa Schaal [1st, Gillett, 122' 11]

Brooke Neumann [2nd, Northland Lutheran]

Kiersten Jensen [3rd, Coleman]

Bailey Angel [4th, Gilman]

Savanna Frederick [5th, Pittsville]

Bobbi Blahnik [6th, Algoma]

Karissa Schaal


Karissa Schaal

Shot Put
Shot Put Medalists In Division 2

Kayla Will [1st, Lake Mills, 40' 09.75]

Linnea Willer [2nd, Freedom, 40' 06.25]

Guadalupe Corn [3rd, Menominee Indian]

Mattie Wafle [4th, Mauston]

Audra Gallick [5th, Adams-Friendship]

Isabelle Schmidt [6th, Rice Lake]

Discus Medalists In Division 2

Linnea Willer [1st, Freedom, 135' 02]

Kylee Doherty [2nd, Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld]

Ayianna Johnson [3rd, Jefferson]

Courtney Vande Hey [4th, Xavier]

Hailey Shimon [5th, Southern Door]

Julia Hirt [6th, Lake Country Lutheran]

Shot Put
D1 Shot Put Medalists L-R: Champion Danni Langseth [D. C. Everest, 46' 09], Saraya Davis [2nd, Eau Claire North], Audrey Hatfield [3rd, Hudson], Kayla Behnke [5th, Kimberly], Evelyn Walker [4th, Madison La Follette], and Bree Wannebo [6th, Oregon]. Langseth also was the Champion in the SP and Discus at the last State Meet in 2019.
Division 1 Discus Medalists
Discus Medalsits L-R: Kamry Linsey [3rd, Appleton West, 132' 05], Ella Pavlovich [5th, D. C. Everest], Champion Danni Langseth [D. C. Everest, 143' 03], Evelyn Walker [4th, Madison La Follette], b [2nd, Kimberly, 134' 04], and Maggie Gallagher [6th, Notre Dame Academy].