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January 1, Preseason Preview Of 2018 Returning WIAA D1 Athletes
Six Champions In 7 Events Return For '19
Amari Brown [200m], Ali Dorn [100m], Olivia Fabry [PV], Destiny Huven [HH], Brooke Jaworski [400m, LH], and Kiara Lee [TJ], return to defend the titles they won in 2018. Go to the D1 FIELD, RELAY, DASH, HURDLE, and RUN preview.

January 1, Preseason Preview Of 2018 Returning WIAA D2 Athletes
Five Champions In 8 Events Return For '19
Aubrey Anderson [800m], Dana Feyen [1600m, 3200m], Eve Goldstein [SP, Discus], Brooke Livingston [HH, LH], and Tatum Straw [200m] return to defend the titles they won in 2018. Go to the D2 FIELD, RELAY, DASH, HURDLE, and RUN preview.

January 1, Preseason Preview Of 2018 Returning WIAA D3 Athletes
Four Champions In 5 Events Return For '19
Hannah Constable [800m], Haley Durst [100m], Marissa Ellenbecker [1600m, 3200m], and Ashlie Lockington [TJ] return to defend the titles they won in 2018. Go to the D3 FIELD, RELAY, DASH, HURDLE, and RUN preview.

January 1, Preseason Preview Of 2018 Returning WIAA WC Athletes
All WC Champions Return For 2019
Gabi Berthiaume [1600m] and Audrey Kleiss-Garcia [100m, 400m, 800m, and SP] return to defend the titles they won at the 2018 State Meet. Go to the Wheelchair preview.

January 1, Boys And Girls Honor Roll Archive Of Past Results
Boys And Girls Past Honor Roll Lists
The Girls Honor Roll archive covers 1994-2018 while the Boys Honor Roll archive covers the 2014 to 2018 seasons. Go to the Honor Roll Archive.

November 14, National Letter of Intent Signing Period Begins
Athletes Announce Plans For 2019-20
Seniors who plan on competing at the next level have begun to announce their plans for 2019-2020. Athletes who have announced their intentions to compete at the D1, D2, or D3 college level are highlighted in the Senior Plans feature.

November 14, WIAA Records In D1, D2, D3, And WC Events
WIAA Record Holders In All Divisions
This feature lists and shows the State Record Holders in Division 1, 2, and 3 as well as Wheelchair events. One State Record was set in D1 and three records were set in D2 at the 2018 State Meet. Go to records.

November 14, New WIAA Tournament Listings for 2019
Changes In Track and Field Assignments
There have been many changes to the tournament assignments in Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 for 2019. Go to the ALPHABETICAL list or the ENROLLMENT list of tournament assignments.

October 23, Top 50 Summary Of The 2018 Season From Paul Tilleman
Top 50: Summary Of The 2018 Season
Paul Tilleman's 2018 summary of the 2018 season highlights the 115 new Top 50 performances that included 24 new Top 10 performances, 13 Top 5 performances, and 1 new All-Time Best performance. Go to SUMMARY. Go to Top 50 Lists.

September 19, WISTCA Announces All-State Team And AOY Awards
All-State And Athlete Of The Year Honors
The Wisconsin Track Coaches Association has released its 2018 All-State team and named Brooke Jaworski as the Female Athlete of the Year. Athletes whose performances in the finals were in the top 6 of all divisions combined achieved All-State status.

Data originally compiled by Mark Rongstad [2001-2007], Mike Krugel [2009-2016] and now compiled by Paul Tilleman highlights the history and tradition of track and field by listing the Top 50 performances in each event. Go to the 2018 Top 50 updates. This feature highlights the plans that 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 graduates have for competing at the college level. The top 6 performances in the finals of the State Meet determine the makeup of the All-State team. WISTCA will announce the Athlete of the Year award after their summer meeting in late July. More at All-State. Former high school athletes competing at the next level.
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